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Voice Actors or VAs (sometimes also called Voice overs and Voice talents) are a versatile lot. You hear them virtually everywhere: in TV shows and commercials, on the radio, in Public Service Announcements, on phone-based IVR messages, in instructional and educational software, video games, and even in documentaries. Voice Acting is a fun and challenging job; with its own set of rewards and perks.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a voice actor, the good news is that technology has made it easier for you to set upon that path. The not-so-good-news is that it has become a very competitive field. You’ll need to have not just the skills and talent, but you should also know how to market and promote yourself. To this end; we would like to offer some tips to get you started. Ready? Here we go:

Know your capabilities and strengths – To be successful in Voice Acting, you need to know what you have to offer: you need to be able to showcase your specialties as a VA. Are you good at vocal impressions? Can you speak in different regional and foreign accents? Are you able to change your voice to sound older or younger, male or female? Can you modulate your voice and do dramatic reading? Once you know what you’re good at, you can leverage those skills to your advantage; and work on the areas you need help with.

Know which VA categories you can work in – Once you know what your voice can do; you can then decide which VA category you fit in: dramatic readers can do acting and dubbing, Flawless readers who sound engaging or modulated can do commercial work, and clear standard diction is ideal for narration. The vocal skills you have will determine which particular areas of voice acting you should concentrate on.

Know how to get work – Familiarize yourself with how the VA industry works. Join a professional organization and start networking with industry practitioners and professionals whenever the opportunity presents itself. Find a mentor and try to find an agent as well. Invest in a good voice demo, and make your demo category-specific (i.e., include a character, narration, corporate, and commercial demo).

Know how to market and promote yourself – The Internet has made it possible for you to put your voice work out there. Make sure to build up a portfolio of your work, and post it on popular audio and video streaming sites; as well as on social media. Prepare a good résumé and follow instructions faithfully during auditions. Be professional in appearance and demeanor. If you want to make a career using your voice, the world is ready for you! Follow our tips and make your mark. Good Luck!

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