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Phone Greetings & Phone Systems Voice Overs

For businesses small and large, hiring professionals to record phone system voice overs is an investment well worth the money. Presenting customers with a well-written, properly recorded phone system voice over is a subtle but important way to communicate the company’s high standards to callers. On a practical level, the professionalism of a specially created phone system voice over may mean the difference between the caller sticking around or hanging up.

Uses for Phone System Voice Overs

These recordings are commonly used for “on hold” messages, which ask callers to wait in a queue until a customer service representative is free to assist them. However, there are many other potential applications, including dialing prompts that instruct callers on the various options available to them.

These services are very affordable, and clients can access male or female talent and get the job completed quickly. Nowadays, the final product is generally delivered to the client electronically, in the MP3 file format. These files are easy to integrate with music or other effects and small enough to be attached to email messages.

ProVoiceUSA is home to Chris Davies, a Southern California-based professional with more than 10 years of experience recording narrative audio for a wide variety of media applications. His studio features no-haggle pricing policies, very low rates and excellent client services for customers around the world.