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ProVoice USA provides professional and experienced voice talents suitable for e-learning, instructional, and training materials.

  • We provide a range of voice styles for every need.
  • We have voice talents with technical backgrounds and experience in pronouncing technical terms.
  • We have a digital studio with the best equipment to e able to deliver your projects on time.
  • We provide technical editing for your script and can cut audio into files.

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E-Learning is the use of electronic media in order to facilitate for instruction. It includes such media as training videos, electronic classroom AV modules, tutorials, safety training, and technical instructions. E-Learning relies on a combination of visuals and audio; both of which need to be properly prepared to be able to ensure correct comprehension.

Most E-Learning modules and scripts are laden with a multitude of technical terms that need to be correctly and properly pronounced. If you’re an e-learning developer, instructional designer or training manager; you will need to find voice talents and voice-overs who can deliver these technical terms with precision, and who won’t drive up the project’s production costs.   

ProVoice USA has extensive experience with E-Learning projects; and has worked with hundreds of clients for industries in hi-tech, science, medicine, marketing and/or finance, insurance, and SAP. We can provide a cost-effective, time-sensitive, and professional voice-over solution for your E-Learning project that is uniquely tailored to your specific requirements. Here’s what you get when you work with us:

Professional and Experienced Voice-over talent – Our voice talents can deliver a range of vocal styles that can fit the project’s needs. Although most E-Learning voice-overs are delivered in an overly serious tone and end up being dry and unexciting; our talents will be able to adjust the vocal delivery style relative to the content, and maintain audience interest. We know how to choose the right vocal performance to keep your audience not only awake, but interested and learning, throughout the training video. Whether you require a casual and friendly tone, an authoritative and serious tone, or something in between, we can deliver your content in the style you want.

Technical Background – Our voice talents are well-versed in technical jargon, and have more than a passing familiarity to terms such as LockOut/TagOut, OSHA, WAN LAN and the like. Unlike other narrators who may have limited experience with reading technical documents; our voice talents can effectively read your text without you having to be there during the actual recording and production.

Professional equipment and service – Our Home-based professional digital studio allows us to work directly with the client; without having to hire a third-party studio, thus saving you money. No more long waiting for recording session scheduling. What’s more, we also provide technical editing for your script and audio cutting into files.

We work 52 weeks a year, 9 hours a day in order to get your voice files done when you need to deliver your training course or E-Learning Module ON TIME. Your satisfaction is our goal. Please contact us for an immediate HUMAN response.

ProVoiceUSA.com specializes in voiceover for e-learning (such as training videos, tutorials, safety training, technical instruction, etc). We have done hundreds of corporate/e-learning/training voice overs for industries in hi-tech, science, medicine, marketing and/or finance, insurance, SAP, and we’re here to make your life as an e-learning developer, instructional designer or training manager easier, while reducing your company’s voiceover expenses.  We are working 52 weeks a year, 9 hours a day in order to get your voice files done when you need to deliver you training course ON TIME.

    • Professional and experienced voice talents
      Elearning voiceovers are often very technical and dry, and listeners may have a difficult time keeping their eyes open.  There’s a fine line between being serious enough to deliver the content as needed but being so dry that it’s painful to sit through.   We provide a range of voice styles for your training course audio, from casual and friendly to more serious/corporate, but either way, your message will get across clearly and professional.
      We know how to choose the right vocal performance to keep your audience not only awake, but interested and learning, throughout the training video.
    • When you work with a narrator who does not specialize in your field, they may not pronounce technical terms correctly, so you have to make time in your busy schedule to be present during the recording.
      At ProVoiceUSA, each of our voice talent has a technical background. Technical terms are within our comfort zone, and we’ll record them naturally and confidently.  We’ve said it all:  LockOut/TagOut, OSHA, WAN LAN and the likes many many times.
  • Our Home based professional studio is made up of the best equipment, we are happy to send a free demo of part of your script so you can hear the ProVoiceUSA difference.
  • With ProVoiceUSA, there is no third-party studio involved, so there no need to wait ages for a session to be scheduled. We’ll do everything we can to meet your tight deadline.
  • In addition to voiceover, we also provide technical editing for your script and cutting audio into files.


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ProVoiceUSA is the company trusted by hundreds of e-learning and training companies around the US and the world.   Please contact us for an immediate HUMAN response.

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