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On Hold Messaging

On hold messaging is an increasingly important aspect of any business. As a business grows it generates more and more customers. Those same customers compete for the same phone time with the few customer service representatives a business may have on staff. On hold messaging makes it possible for businesses to entertain and inform those clients while they wait for assistance.

Pricing for On Hold Messaging

Each production company is different, but on hold messaging is typically far less expensive than advertising and commercials would be. Pricing for on hold messaging also varies depending on whether or not the voice over professional cuts and mixes the audio in addition to recording it. With an all-in-one pricing plan, businesses can often get several minutes of on hold messaging voice over for their phone system for a reasonable amount. Pricing will also vary higher or lower depending on whether sound effects and music are included as well.

The recording of on hold messaging includes multiple elements. These are typically the easiest to record and the least expensive. More expensive and time consuming are the advertisements, promotions and branding, as these are the elements most likely to include music and sound effects.


“…The primary elements are the menu options, as they are the functions that help direct callers to the appropriate department within a business..”


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