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ProVoice IVR Recordings Service in USA

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR recordings are a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining your telephone customer service. Various telephony applications offer you a range of options that allow your customers to answer questions and order services on their own. The more options you want to give your callers, the more voice prompts you’ll need recorded.

Writing and IVR recording prompts can be complicated and time consuming. Working with seasoned professionals will ease your burden by alerting you to common concerns before you deliver the script. For example, numbers should generally be read in context, even if the surrounding material will be cut out later, so that they don’t sound automated or robotic.

Shopping for an IVR Recording Service

Keep in mind experience, quality, and breadth of service are of the utmost importance when choosing a voice recording company. Look for a company that bundles voice talent, a professional-grade sound studio, and the technical expertise to back it up. Email info@provoiceusa.com to learn about our on-site talent and facilities, as well as our full library of royalty-free music and effects that can add liveliness and variety to your customers’ IVR recording experiences.

While some voice over services charge for each individual recording or prompt, we take a more practical approach to pricing. After letting you hear a recorded sample based on the text you provide, we record all the IVR prompts you need, creating separate files as necessary. We then offer a package price for the entire order.