Commercial Voice Talent

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Commercial Voice Talent

Working with voice talent offers a great degree of flexibility in developing commercials to promote your company or your products. You might use voice talent to discuss the benefits that your product offers while showing an image of the product or someone using it. You can also use commercial voice talent to deliver technical information that you are legally required to present to viewers.

Whichever way you choose to use commercial voice talent, it can add to the cost of developing commercials. You might be required to pay a talent agency that represents the voice talent, as well as the reader himself. At, you can work directly with some of our commercial voice talent at the best rates possible.

Experienced Commercial Voice Talent

Despite our low, no-haggle pricing, we are able to offer high-quality voice recordings that set an industry standard. Our voice talent has more than a decade of experience producing voice-overs for commercials, as well as radio sweepers and audio files for messaging systems. With our digital recording studio, we can record your message clearly and quickly deliver the audio files to you.

If you’re working with our commercial voice talent for the first time, we can provide you with a custom sample. We’ll also give you the opportunity to listen to that sample reading and request changes to the tone and style. To find out more about our commercial voice talent, contact us today!