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Professional Television Voice Overs

Choosing the right tone and style for a TV voice over is a matter of identifying the objective of the commercial, its target audience and what that audience is most likely to respond to. Broadly speaking, there are three approaches a television commercial can take: informational, promotional and evocative.

TV Voice Over Styles

An informational approach is a form of soft sell, which doesn’t make explicit claims about the merits of a particular product or service, but instead uses calm, measured voice overs to explain its features and guide the audience to make their own (favorable) conclusions.

TV ads using a promotional approach will, generally speaking, use performing talent that specializes in a medium-sell or hard-sell approach. The medium sell requires a casual, accessible and energetic tone that isn’t overpowering, but still creates a strong impression. Hard sells tend to be very high energy, bombarding the viewer with substantial claims about the merits of the service or product being promoted.

Evocative TV voice overs are the least common form, but uniquely effective in their own right. This approach to advertising takes neither a directly informational nor a directly promotional approach, instead drawing implied parallels between positive images and the subject of the commercial. Vocal talent specializing in this style is well-versed in the art of creating sweeping, evocative tones.

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