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Commercial Voice-Overs

You can use commercial voice-overs to appeal to your audience, as well as to relay technical information about your products. If you are producing a television commercial, voice-overs might play in the background while the action takes place on screen. At, we can work with you to develop commercial voice-overs that will match the tone and style of your message.

Based in Southern California, we have many years of experience recording and producing commercial voice-overs. You can see from the demos available through our website the range of projects on which we have worked. Whether you need an upbeat voice over to grab the audience’s attention at the beginning of the commercial or a formal tone to present disclaimers or required technical information, we can provide it.

Fast Development of Commercial Voice-Overs

We can often provide you with commercial voice-overs just minutes after receiving your script. Rest assured, though, that our fast service does not in any way allow for sub-standard work. All recordings are made in our digital studio using high-end audio equipment to deliver the best voice overs you’ll hear.

To provide our customers with the commercial voice-overs that meet their needs, a free sample reading of your script is provided before any payment or commitment is made. Our voice-overs are delivered in the audio format that you need, making it easy to incorporate them into your commercial, too. To arrange for a commercial voice-over, call us or clickhere to send us an email today.