Answers and Explanations. We try to make this as easy, convenient and inexpensive and possible.

Our prices are based on the length of the job with your budget in consideration.  Our rates are extremely low for the quality of the recording you get.   There are no shortcuts taken and our studio is made up of the best equipment in the industry. Rates start at $20 for simple :10 or less voice overs, then up from there depending on length. See our rates page or contact us for a quick quote.
Typically, shorter jobs (under a couple minutes long) can be sent back to you within about an hour of getting the script and payment.   Longer jobs we like to promise about 10 minutes worth completed a day, but usually can do more than that.
The usage rights included in our posted rates are for small market tv commercials, voicemail messages, online e-training, etc.   Not big regional or National advertisements.  Most of our work is covered by the usage rights included, but if you have a bigger client/ad campaign, etc, please ask for rate clarification. If we are doing a long form voice over job, the posted rates are for internal type usage or video usage rights on a single platform (such as Youtube). If it will be used on multiple platforms, the rate would be a little more.
Yes, I have Source Connect Standard and can do a live streaming session (this is not covered in our normal rates)
Absolutely.   For new clients on jobs over 10 seconds long, we can sending you a sample read before any kind of commitment/payment is made. That way you know how it will sound.  It won't be the full read, but enough for you to get a feel for the quality we provide.  Shorter jobs (under 10 seconds) we normally skip the demo phase and offer a free-read after it's done if not done correctly the first time.
Yes we have 20+ other talent (including Spanish and younger voices) on our new website that have passed numerous quality tests to ensure you are getting a great voice over for the money. Please go to for pricing, policies and demos of the available talent.
We have started a new site for child and younger teen voices.
Yes, we have a full digital multi-track audio production facility and can add music (from our licensed music library) and effects such as reverb/echo/whiz-bang explosions/etc to really help make the production sparkle. Music just adds $10 for a shorter VO/message (:60 or less), fully produced (effects and such) about doubles the cost of just voice.
No. We add up all the material you have in an order and base the price that way. There may be an additional fee if you have, say, over 5 files per :30 that you need individually saved and formatted (this takes some time to do), but maybe only like $10 per :30
Unfortunately no. We discontinued our phone patch services due to inconsistency in quality due to different cell phone providers and the ability to access the systems without difficulty.
Make sure everything is spelled out as words (such as phone numbers written out as 'call three two three, etc') and figure about 80 words for a typical :30.
For first time clients, we prefer to send a sample read before any commitment/payment is made. If approved, then you pay via Paypal and we send you the full version (all this takes only minutes). You do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card. If you are part of a larger organization (cable company or advertising agency, etc), we can setup a regular invoice/check system once the business relationship has been established.
You get at least 2 variations* of the read (For non produced :30's and 60:s), MP3 encoding (or whatever format file you need for your application), and space on our server if needed. *If we don't read the script in the desired 'tone' or 'feel' the first time (without any prior specific direction on how you want it read), you will get a second read no charge (possibly more..we aim to please). Any actual changes in the script will be treated like a 'client revision' and charged accordingly. If you give us specific instructions on how you want it read prior to recording and we read it that way, then you change your mind on how you want it read, there will probably be a cost to re-read.
It's not easy to say what will happen with new clients down the road.....but we can promise you this: If you jump on the VO bandwagon now, your rate will never increase. Our way of thanking those who have been trusting us with their voice overs over time.
I am always on the lookout for good ego free talent that is down to earth and easy to work with. If you have a home based studio, have a demo that YOU produced, have a quick turnaround time and would rather have more jobs that pay less vs few jobs that pay more, fire me an email.