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Professional Voice Over Actors for Your Brand Enhancement

Voice over actors

In today’s competitive market, the power of voice cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s a captivating commercial, an engaging explainer video, or an informative e-learning module, the voice behind the message plays a vital role in capturing the audience’s attention and conveying the desired message effectively. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of professional […]

Strategic Sonics: Choosing the Right On Hold Messaging Service

On Hold Messaging

The time a caller spends on wait can be a useful opportunity in the ever-changing world of customer interaction. Businesses may now use on hold messages to strategically and engagingly use this otherwise wasted time. The significance of selecting the best on-hold message service is explored in detail in this article, along with how it […]

Developing On Hold Messages

Developing On Hold Voiceover Copy On hold voiceover copy should include elements like branding, product information, current or upcoming promotions, holiday hours and business location. Each element of the on hold voiceover copy should be recorded independently. This allows for separation between messages. In between messages the on hold service can play music or even […]

Tips For Starting A Career In Voice Acting

Blogs | Tips For Starting A Career In Voice Acting

Voice Actors or VAs (sometimes also called Voice overs and Voice talents) are a versatile lot. You hear them virtually everywhere: in TV shows and commercials, on the radio, in Public Service Announcements, on phone-based IVR messages, in instructional and educational software, video games, and even in documentaries. Voice Acting is a fun and challenging […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Voice Over Skills

Invest in a Quality Microphone for your Voice Over Work

Getting into the voice over industry is challenging. It’s as competitive as any other acting career, sometimes more so, and you have to have a thorough control of your voice to succeed. Here are some tips from ProVoiceUSA for enhancing your skills and launching your career. Know Your Voice In the past, voice over work […]

Important Elements to Consider when Commissioning a Voice Over Video

If you’re planning to commission a voice over video for your company, there are a lot of different things to consider before going to production. Some of the most important elements include: The Purpose. A voice over video can be an extremely effective sales tool in a lot of cases, but there are times that […]