Developing On Hold Messages

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Developing On Hold Voiceover Copy

On hold voiceover copy should include elements like branding, product information, current or upcoming promotions, holiday hours and business location. Each element of the on hold voiceover copy should be recorded independently. This allows for separation between messages. In between messages the on hold service can play music or even just broadcast a local radio station. Either way, this approach is preferable to constantly bombarding customers with information–which can feel overdone and intrusive. As a rule of thumb it’s a good idea to leave anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds in between on hold messages.

ProVoice USA provides male and female voice talent to businesses for on hold message systems. With affordable, flat rates and rapid turnaround it’s possible to outfit an entire telephone system in just a few days.

Affordable Phone System Voice Overs

Beginning with a greeting and proceeding through dialing and IVR prompts and on-hold messages, professionally recorded phone system voice overs make a subtle but important impression on callers. Many audio production facilities are able to deliver the final product to clients within the same business day given the straightforward nature of the production process, but it’s also possible to add some creative flair to the project. For an affordable extra charge, the studio producing the work may be able to add background music, if desired, and set the recording levels so that it doesn’t drown out the narration.

Clients should be wary of studios or professionals who insist upon haggling over pricing or show a reluctance to provide demos. Given the competitive nature of the industry, it’s not uncommon to encounter producers who prioritize money ahead of client satisfaction. However, professionals with a solid reputation and nothing to hide will deliver excellent value for the money.

ProVoiceUSA never haggles over prices, instead providing clients with the ability to participate fully in the production process by listening to demos of the script to be recorded and making sure it’s right. Led by longtime industry stalwart Chris Davies, the Southern California-based studio has worked with many prominent clients over the years and delivers promptness and value to customers around the globe.

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