The Apollo Twin for voice overs

I really didn’t want it to work that well for voice over.   I have invested thousands of dollars on a rack of gear I have fine tuned over the years for my voice style.  I didn’t want to think that anyone could just get a UA Apollo Twin and have just a good of a sound.    I did want to get something that was better than a basic interface for travel voice over recording (I had been using Shure X2U interface, which was great).    I also wasn’t sure if a UA Apollo twin USB would work with my laptop and/or Cool Edit Pro, which I still religiously use, even after trying Audition CS6 and even ProTools..still prefer the speed of Cool Edit.   GET OFF MY LAWN!     Found out my laptop DID have USB 3 and the processor wasn’t listed on the approved processors, but I found a Twin USB on Craigslist for $500, so what the hell.     D A M N.    I’ve had it 2 months now and have used it to do 95% of my voice talent work.     I bought 1300 bucks worth of plugins and have been so happy with it.   I purchased a 2nd one and also a 2nd laptop.    Amazing how good it sounds and how versatile it is.    AND how you can save settings for any amount of sessions you want.  Fantastic.     Selling off some of my rack gear now.   Hurts to do so, but for voice over, the Apollo from UA is fantastic.  For your voice over needs, visit us at provoiceusa here.

UPDATE 2-9-18

Still love this thing.    I use it now for pretty much everything.    I had been using my main rack of gear for things that needed a certain compressor sound, but I found a way to insert that into the Apollo, so now I pretty much only use that.    The only time I don’t use the Apollo is when I need to record someone else’s voice and I want to monitor it from outside of the audio booth (like kids, or even Olympic Athlete Brenda Martinez who was here last week to record for New Balance).    But besides that, the Apollo has won me over.    They now have a version of the Apollo that runs off the bus power from a computer, not needing an external power supply.  But that is thunderbolt, which none of my 3 laptops has, so I will be using the USB3 versions for a few years.

The Neve 1073 plugin is great.  It adds heft to the audio.   The ‘stock’ preamp that comes with the Apollo is pretty great too (more mid forward without any character).    A MUST for anyone doing commercial VO work would be to get the Valley People Dynamite for the noise gate.  It is so freaking smooth if set right.   I recently purchased the Oxide Tape plugins and also the Distressor.   The distressor I use on pretty much everything, the Oxide tape when I want to add some air and saturation to the sound.      So yeah, my new audio love.   Sold off about 5 pieces of gear over the last few months, mostly my ‘pro’ travel rig, Symetrix, couple Aphex comps, roadrunner case, etc.    Studio is much cleaner now.




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