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Many businesses looking to produce television advertisements don’t realize just how convenient and affordable TV voice overs are. Thanks to the digital audio revolution, studios can deliver professional narration recorded by talented performers to clients worldwide. Nowadays, TV voice overs are distributed to clients in the MP3 format, which can be downloaded in seconds and are small enough to be attached to emails.

The Production Process for Professional TV Voice Overs

These performers have the ability to record material with any type of tone, from the unblinkingly professional to the off-kilter and humorous. To recognize the diversity of clients worldwide, some studios are even able to accommodate material written in foreign languages.

“…Studios employ talented, experienced actors to record TV and radio voice overs, and clients have equal access to both male and female performers..”

The production process of TV voice overs is relatively simple. Clients can submit a script of their own creation, or outsource one to be delivered to the studio by a professional writer. The studio then submits a price quote to the client, and the recording is produced when the rate is agreed upon. Client are welcome to request samples and demonstrations to ensure that the final product will meet or exceed their expectations, and that the tone of the piece is just right.

ProVoiceUSA has extensive experience producing quality narrative audio for television and radio advertisements in addition to online video presentations and commercial telephone systems. The company features no-haggle pricing, and allows every client full participation in the production process through our demos and samples process.