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Voice talent is the focus of Chris Davies at ProVoice USA. We are a full service professional voiceover and audio production facility located in Southern California near Los Angeles. Chris has over a decade of professional voiceover and audio production experience. If you are looking for TV or Radio commercial voice over talent, a professional ‘sound’ for your phone system or website or a narration for your corporate video, you’ve come to the right site. We offer the best in quality and customer service at the lowest rates around. And even with rates this low, you still get to hear it before you buy it. Voice overs talent can be delivered to you via email in as short as 15 minutes. Have a listen to the demos and read some testimonials from satisfied clients…we think you’ll realize that you’ve found the one voice over online site that’s worth bookmarking. When you choose ProVoice USA, you deal DIRECT with the talent. You are not paying for a middleman. Every voiceovers is taken personally and done with the highest standards. We hope that can fulfill all your voice over talent needs. Thank you for visiting.

Voice Over Services

Are you looking for affordable voice over services? ProVoice can help you find the talent you’re looking for at a great price. Voice over services are important for online multimedia, presentations, tutorials and on-hold services over the telephone. Grow your business with the help of ProVoice.

Take a look at the wealth of benefits you’ll receive from working with ProVoice:

- You’ll find ProVoice’s voice over services to be among the lowest in the industry; in fact, they haven’t increased their rates even one time since they started out more than 10 years ago. Prices start at just $20 for :10 or less and then up from there depending on the length of the project, complexity due to add-ons and more. Rates are extremely low for everything you get from ProVoice.

- Turnaround time on short jobs that are under a couple minutes long can often be sent back to you within about an hour of ProVoice receiving the script and payment from you. Longer jobs of about ten minutes can usually be completed in a day.

- You’ll always have the option of hearing what you’re paying for before you actually pay. For new clients, ProVoice insists on sending you a sample read before you make a commitment to pay. ProVoice wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your results.

- Clients love the wide range of voice talent available for voice over services at ProVoice. Visit to hear demos of the available talent that includes Spanish and also younger voices.

- Looking for child voices? ProVoice employs the best. Pricing is a little different for child voice over services due to coaching time and after hours studio recording. Feel free to call ProVoice at 877-865-3459 for pricing and details.

- If you’re searching for a studio that can produce your voice over with effects and music, you’ll love what ProVoice can do for you. They have a full digital multi-track audio production facility and are able to add music

and effects for about an extra $35 per :30. If you only want music added, it’s just $10 per song per minute.

- Clients absolutely love that for numerous smaller jobs ProVoice adds up the voice over services and base the price that way. You’ll save a lot of money when you combine multiple services with ProVoice.

- If you own a cell phone you would like to have a professional voice recording on, contact ProVoice to ask about their excellent quality phone messages. Their phone patch is of superior quality than simply holding your phone up to a computer speaker. After you listen to and approve the mp3 file, ProVoice will record it over the phone.

In short, clients love the voice over services offered by ProVoice. Prices are always designed to meet the budget conscious with no compromise when it comes to quality. Please visit online at to learn more about the services and rates offered or make a call to 877-865-3459 to learn more. 

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