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Voice talent is the focus of Chris Davies at ProVoice USA. We are a full service professional voiceover and audio production facility located in Southern California near Los Angeles. Chris has over a decade of professional voiceover and audio production experience. If you are looking for TV or Radio commercial voice over talent, a professional ‘sound’ for your phone system or website or a narration for your corporate video, you’ve come to the right site. We offer the best in quality and customer service at the lowest rates around. And even with rates this low, you still get to hear it before you buy it. Voice overs talent can be delivered to you via email in as short as 15 minutes. Have a listen to the demos and read some testimonials from satisfied clients…we think you’ll realize that you’ve found the one voice over online site that’s worth bookmarking. When you choose ProVoice USA, you deal DIRECT with the talent. You are not paying for a middleman. Every voiceovers is taken personally and done with the highest standards. We hope that can fulfill all your voice over talent needs. Thank you for visiting.

Professional Voice Recording

ProVoice offers professional voice recording for all your applications, starting at just $20, for TV, radio, phone, web, e-learning and anything else you have in mind. If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for some of the very best voice talent in the world, look no further.

You simply will not find better rates anywhere for professional voice recording. ProVoice has not increased their rates since they started out in the businesses more than 10 years ago and strives to keep their costs at their lowest. Don’t be tempted to think that their low costs mean less than exceptional quality. ProVoice is consistently rated 5-stars across the board.

Customers love the wide range of applications ProVoice voice overs can be used for, including the following:

- Professional voice overs, which can be incorporated into a variety of materials that include television, radio, phone, Website, E-learning and more. Since ProVoice work closely with their clients, they are able to quickly produce professional voice recording materials so that work can continue without experiencing any delay. They place their clients’ satisfaction as the very highest priority.

- Commercial voice talent for developing commercials that will promote your company and its products. Voice talent can discuss the benefits of using your products or delivering technical information that you are legally required to disclose. Despite the amazingly low prices, you’ll find only the highest-quality of talent time after time.

- Male Voice Overs for business operations and marketing materials. Many companies wish to make use of a male voice for phone message systems instead of relying on computerized voices that can be a turn off to callers. Try greeting your website visitors with a male voice and watch your conversion rates soar!

- American voice talent for today’s global marketplace. International companies wishing to take advantage of American voice talent will find what they are looking for every time from ProVoice. Using American talent will ensure that your script will be read clearly and with proper emphasis.

Your callers or listeners will not be tempted to draw opinions based on foreign accent or the mispronunciation of words.

- Phone greetings and phone system voice overs for businesses of every size. Clients find ProVoice’s phone greetings to be a terrific investment for their corporate dollars. Your callers will instantly identify your company as one that displays professionalism and places high value on customers. The quality of a specially-created professional voice recording may mean the difference between your callers sticking around to hear more or hanging up.

- Voice over phone prompts for those times when you don’t have a moment to personally answer your phone. Use prompts to direct your callers to leave a message for you in such a way that they will be glad to use the system.

You can learn more about professional voice recording from ProVoice by visiting their website at where you can watch demos, check out rates, read through FAQ and discover the range of services available. 

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