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Voice talent is the focus of Chris Davies at ProVoice USA. We are a full service professional voiceover and audio production facility located in Southern California near Los Angeles. Chris has over a decade of professional voiceover and audio production experience. If you are looking for TV or Radio commercial voice over talent, a professional ‘sound’ for your phone system or website or a narration for your corporate video, you’ve come to the right site. We offer the best in quality and customer service at the lowest rates around. And even with rates this low, you still get to hear it before you buy it. Voice overs talent can be delivered to you via email in as short as 15 minutes. Have a listen to the demos and read some testimonials from satisfied clients…we think you’ll realize that you’ve found the one voice over online site that’s worth bookmarking. When you choose ProVoice USA, you deal DIRECT with the talent. You are not paying for a middleman. Every voiceovers is taken personally and done with the highest standards. We hope that can fulfill all your voice over talent needs. Thank you for visiting.

Male Voice Over Talent

Find exceptional male voice over talent at ProVoice. Their high quality voice overs are among the lowest priced you’ll find online, and clients are always encouraged to hear their results before they pay.

Does your company frequently use male voice over talent for projects that come up? You may be tempted to redirect an employee from another department who has a great voice, but the problem with that is multi-fold. Without professional equipment, professional facilities and experience to match, the results are always going to leave you less than satisfied.

Cost is often a concern when companies search for male voice over talent. ProVoice caters to the budget conscious; in fact, in the 10+ years that ProVoice has been in business, they haven’t raised their rates once. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and to providing the highest quality product at the lowest price is second to none.

If you’ve been looking for male voice over talent for your marketing materials, phone messaging system or other application, ProVoice invites you to listen to their free demo files to get a better understanding of what you’ll be getting when you work with them. Clients deal directly with the voice talent and as a result, they are better able to offer very competitive rates.

Based on the product that you feel will best meet your needs, the male voice over talent from ProVoice will product your voice over. They are able to combine your script with background music and sound effects in order to develop the perfect tone for your corporation. Often, completed results are returned on the same day that they are received.

ProVoice is all about customer satisfaction; in fact, their business has been built on it. That’s why their clients are able to hear a custom sample of the results before payment is expected. In the event that you wish to request changes in the style of tone of the reading, the male voice over talent can take care of that for you at no extra cost.

You’ll find no one is faster in delivering results than ProVoice. They can often provide their clients with commercial voice overs within just minutes after receiving their scripts. Prompt customer service is in no way indicative

of a sub-standard quality of product. All recordings are made in a professional digital studio using high-end audio equipment so that your male voice over talent is of superior sound.

Whatever format you require will be provided for you so that it will be easy for you to incorporate your recording into your application. Please visit online to read through rates, take advantage of the FAQ page and look for answers to questions you may have, and most important, contact a specialist at 877-865-3459 at any time that you need assistance.

ProVoice is dedicated to outstanding results and wants you to come back for all of your male voice over talent. That’s why their commitment to you is never compromised. 

ProVoice USA
(877) 865-3459
29335 Lochinvar Rd; Highland, CA 92346

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