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Voice talent is the focus of Chris Davies at ProVoice USA. We are a full service professional voiceover and audio production facility located in Southern California near Los Angeles. Chris has over a decade of professional voiceover and audio production experience. If you are looking for TV or Radio commercial voice over talent, a professional ‘sound’ for your phone system or website or a narration for your corporate video, you’ve come to the right site. We offer the best in quality and customer service at the lowest rates around. And even with rates this low, you still get to hear it before you buy it. Voice overs talent can be delivered to you via email in as short as 15 minutes. Have a listen to the demos and read some testimonials from satisfied clients…we think you’ll realize that you’ve found the one voice over online site that’s worth bookmarking. When you choose ProVoice USA, you deal DIRECT with the talent. You are not paying for a middleman. Every voiceovers is taken personally and done with the highest standards. We hope that can fulfill all your voice over talent needs. Thank you for visiting.

Ivr Recording

ProVoice offers affordable and professional IVR recording as a great way to present a professional corporate image while streamlining your telephone customer service. Save time and money over live telephone services by taking advantage of new IVR technology from ProVoice.

Provide your callers with a range of options that allow them to answer questions, place orders and more. Writing IVR recording prompts can be complicated and time consuming. Work with the experts from ProVoice to ease the burden by allowing their professionals to alert you to common concerns and issues before your IVR goes live.

You’ll benefit from using IVR recording in many ways, including the following:

- While many companies find it difficult to make the switch to new technology, it’s almost always advantageous to do so early on in the innovation process. IVR recording can save your company money and time and IVR recording can simplify your engagement with callers. Companies of every size can benefit from IVR recording without having to delve into the technical side of it or invest their corporate dollars into the steep hardware costs. Contact ProVoice to learn more.

- Your callers will find that they receive far better and more personalized service through an IVR recording. Callers who were polled after their experience of making a call with IVR technology responded positively and consistently state that they feel more personally attended to during the call. The time efficiency of IVR technology is one that any company can take advantage of without a large investment.

- Callers will be able to access your company’s information and make a connection with your business any time of the night or day. Your employees may not be able to provide callers with answers to their questions during holidays, weekends, after hours or other times during high volume, but your IVR recording will always be available to help them when they need it. Customize your IVR recording with the option of a live agent at your discretion.

- Language options are just one of the incredible benefits your callers will enjoy from your IVR recording. Unique programming will allow your IVR to greet your callers by name and provide a more personal experience that is often very well received by callers.

- Try ProVoice’s IVR recording service and watch your company’s image take wings. Your customers will love what they hear and experience every time they call you. Large companies can make their customers feel like they’re doing business with a small and personal company.

When choosing a place to do business with for your IVR recording, experience, quality and breadth of service should be of highest importance. ProVoice bundles voice talent, a pro-grade sound studio and technical expertise all for the most advanced service you’ll find anywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about what an IVR recording can do for your business, visit online at where you’ll find a wealth of information. Feel free to send an email to to learn more about their on-site talent and facilities, as well as their complete library of royalty-free music and effects that can go far in customizing your customers’ experience.
Ivr Recording
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Ivr Recording Ivr Recording

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