Recording Booth No-no’s to Avoid

Recording Booth No-no’s to Avoid

If you’re a voice actor; working in the recording booth is par for the course. You’ve already made yourself familiar with the equipment, know the proper distance to stand from the microphone, and have perfect diction, intonation, and enunciation. However; all of this preparation and training can be ruined by seemingly simple and obvious mistakes: we at ProVoice USA call them “Recording Booth No-no’s”. Here are a few examples of No-no’s that you need to avoid before you step inside to record your lines:

    • Avoid wearing jewelry (especially nose and tongue jewelry) when doing your lines. They will impair your speech and produce metallic clinking sounds that will be audible on the recording (sometimes called “audio bleed”). Once these sounds are recorded; they will be extremely difficult to remove from your performance during editing and post-production.
    • Avoid bringing and using any smart devices and phones while doing your lines. These will also create unnecessary background noise that will “bleed” into the audio and be hard to edit out later. Furthermore, cell phones may cause signal interference with the booth’s audio equipment. It’s best to leave your devices and phones outside the booth, turned off, or switched to silent mode.
    • Avoid making shuffling noises with the script’s pages. These will create shuffling and rustling sounds which will again “bleed” into the recording. Instead, lay them flat in front of you (probably using a music stand) and read them from there.
  • Avoid making unnecessarily wild or exaggerated movements that might make you bump into mike stands or music stands, and avoid movements that may make you trip over any cables on the floor.

Sometimes even the simplest of mistakes can ruin a really good vocal performance. Be mindful of these “No-no’s” so that you can give your best voice over ever.

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