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Messages On Hold Voice

If you need to leave your customers on hold, you may want to invest in a phone system that allows you to add a voice to the audio your callers hear. It can be disconcerting for callers to be on hold for a prolonged period of time without hearing a human voice. They may wonder if their calls are being neglected.

By adding a messages on hold voice to the audio your callers hear, you can assure them that their call will be handled soon. Your phone system may allow you to add custom on hold voice messages based on the position of the caller in your queue. If you have such a system, consider working with us at ProVoiceUSA.com to record the messages on hold voice your callers hear.

Professional Production of Messages On Hold Voice

We can produce on hold messages for your business that are clear and friendly for your callers. We’ll record your on hold messages in our digital studio, ensuring that the voice that you place on your phone system is crystal clear. With access to both male and female voice talent through our agency, your on hold message can be read in whatever tone is most appropriate for your business.

In addition to providing an on hold voice callers can hear, you may also want to include background music. Drawing on our extensive music library, we can create a multi-track recording with both music and a message that you can add to your system. Contact us today to find out more about our on hold services.