Digital Voice Recording

Digital Voice Recordings

Many consumers are surprised just how affordable it is to hire a professional to create the voice over for a podcast, radio or TV commercial, phone message system or company training video. Clients who work with professional performers find that the process is easy and fast, as experienced talent has an attuned ability to attack scripted material and find expressive ways to bring it to life.

Things to Consider Before Committing to a Performer for a Voice Over Podcast
Regardless of whether the voice over is being created for a podcast, commercial for broadcast media, phone messaging system or corporate communications production, there are some guidelines that clients should keep in mind when auditioning various professional performers. It’s vital for clients to work with actors who have a proven industry pedigree, but bear in mind that union membership doesn’t necessarily mean a particular performers credentials are better than non-union equivalents–just that the union actor will be more expensive to hire.
“…Experience makes a huge difference..”

Sometimes, voice over performers hide licensing fees and royalty claims in the fine print of a production contract. Essentially, this means that the performer reserves the right to levy additional charges if the podcast is broadcast for the commercial gain of the producer. As a general rule, it’s better to work with a voice over professional who relinquishes all claims to the podcast material after it’s been produced.

ProVoiceUSA features easy pricing, affordable rates and never attaches any strings or hidden costs to the work. Clients around the world get top-quality audio and excellent narration delivered by experienced and talented performers.

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