Voice Over Demos

If the demos above don’t contain the right voice for your needs, please check out our new site ProVoice.com for a dozen or so different talent available.

Voice Over Studio Information:   We have a WhisperRoom 4×6 audio booth and currently use Neumann TLM103, Sennheiser MKH416, Mojave Audio 201 and JJ Audio (GreyHound) custom made microphones.   For our outboard gear, we currently use the UA Apollo Twin with Neve, API and Manley pramps along with LA2A and Distressor processors.    If the job calls for pure analog, we have Daking, FMR and Symetrix processors.   We use all balanced Mogami cables and don’t settle for anything less than the best.     We have SourceConnectNow and phone patch available as well.


  • Sacramento Mile spot we just voiced
  • ProVoiceUSA, the voice of TUFF TV
  • Voice over for Tapatio Commercial we did
  • In Studio voice over imaging - sports radio voice imaging
  • HD Mirror Cam video we voiced
  • GEICO commercial we voiced
  • Cardio PA, upbeat casual explainer voice over
  • CarGenie com commercial voice
  • Taylor Swift voice over
  • Moonsand Commercial I voiced
  • QBizmo voice over, animated explainer
  • Aurawave infomercial voice over