Cheaper than Fiverrrrrr

Don’t be fooled by the fivvverrr ‘Mark Up’ method!

You may think you are getting a good deal with ‘Fiverrrr’ and the likes, but be careful. They will nickle and dime you to death to the point that you are paying 2 or 3 times the cost as you would pay by using ProVoiceUSA.    We are cheaper than Fiverrrr.   They actually try and teach you the ‘art of the markup’.  Seriously?   De-Breath costs $10?   Oh, you actually want to be able to USE the voice over online, TV, radio, etc?  That’ll cost you extra, hahah.    No, our rates include most of the things they will mark up, and mark up a lot.      Our rates INCLUDE all rights, de-breathing (basic editing), high quality wav file if needed, same day delivery, and to top it off, someone who actually knows what he’s doing and will talk directly with you.