American Voice Talent

American Voice Talent

With today’s global marketplace, international companies can use American voice talent to reach American customers. By working with American voice talent, you can be certain that your script will be read clearly. In addition, those who hear your message will not be distracted by or draw opinions based on a foreign accent.

Some companies that represent American voice talent charge high fees for their services. In addition to paying them for essentially serving as a middleman, you may also have to pay residuals based on the number of times that you use the material featuring the voice talent. At, we take a different approach that provides our clients with access to American voice talent at a low cost.

Low Rates for American Voice Talent

We only charge our clients based on the length of the recording that our American voice talent records. After you purchase the recording from us, you own it and can use it as often as you like. Our pricing starts at just $30, with our per-minute rates going even lower for longer recordings.

We have samples of our work available on our website, from television commercials to radio sweepers. If you are interested in working with us, we can provide you with a free custom sample of our work. Call us today or click here to send us an email to inquire about our services.