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Professional but affordable voice talent can elevate the effectiveness narrative advertisements, promotions and presentations for any form of media. Rates and fee structures vary, according to the agent or studio managing the voice talent, but the advent of digital technology has simplified the production process. This has helped to keep rates affordable, since performers need to spend relatively little time in the studio and the final product can be delivered to the client in a convenient digital format that’s very inexpensive to create and use.

Since the labor of the performer and technicians comprises the majority of the production costs involved with creating voice overs, clients should expect to spend more for talent at the top of the pyramid. Yet, there are plenty of affordable options for advertisers with lower budgets. Agents can match clients with both male and female voice talent capable of creating a full range of tones and styles, from energetic hard sells to conversational, informational pieces.

Short, no-frills spots are the most affordable, but lengthier and more intricate pieces are also well within the budget of even small businesses.

“…Studios usually price their services based on a basic rate determined by the length of the piece, with additional services, such as music integration and sound effects, available for an extra charge..”

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ProVoiceUSA offers a full range of well-priced services, producing narrative audio for everything from podcasts and corporate presentations to radio, television and online advertisements. The studio has an easy, no-haggle pricing policy and delivers professional-quality work in a remarkably brief turnaround time.